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Henry Every

Henry Every also known as Avery was an England born pirate. Born in 1653, he was one of those famous pirates who was renowned for not being captured or killed during their era. Henry wasn’t a pirate from the start. He was part of a serving fleet on several Royal Navy Ships. However, with time, by the early 1690’s he became part of slave trading on the West African coast. He used to keep the slaves captivated under harsh conditions on his own ship.

It might amaze you:

He was the pirate who carried out the single richest loot in history. He and his aliases made attacks on Fateh Muhammed and looted £50,000 worth of gold, jewels and treasure. His loot hunt didn’t stop here and he continued on to loot more than £600,000 and 500,000 solid gold and silver pieces. Following this biggest loot, he went missing and was never seen after the year 1696.

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