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Francois l’Olonnais

Famous Pirates

One of the most famous French pirates, Francois wasn’t a born pirate. He started off as a cultivator before turning towards the viciousness of piracy. He was particularly known for his successful land attacks as a pirate. Examples of his most successful land attacks include conquering of Maracaibo and Venezuela where he looted heavily and made almost 200,000 Spanish dollars.

A very interesting fact:

Despite his shipwreck near Mexico when Spanish soldiers attacked his crew, he was able to save himself by camouflaging himself amongst the dead crew and by hiding under their blood. Following this humiliation, he made a successful escape to Tortuga Island where he ransomed some town residents. The Spanish ruler sent an army to free the captives but only found themselves killed and only one exempted to take the message of defeat and cruelty back to the ruler.

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