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Francis Drake

A renowned English pirate who was the first ever Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. His image as a pirate was mixed. British nationals saw him as a hero whereas for the Spanish, he was a pirate. He was secretly ordered by Queen Elizabeth I to attack Spanish colonies and make huge loots. He fought with determination as a pirate and won many sea battles on the way to conquer a new land for Queen Elizabeth on the Pacific Coast.

This led Queen Elizabeth to formally award him knighthood in 1581. He was the first to induce the trend of piracy in the western coast of Americas which were until then free of piracy. Such was his might that King Philip II offered almost £4 million for his head.

Last but not the least, he ensured safe passage for many captured Englishmen on Roanoke Island which makes him 3rd most famous pirates throughout history. He eventually died with the disease of dysentery in 1596 which followed the unsuccessful campaign in San Juan.

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