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Ching Shih

Famous Pirates

It might be very mind boggling for many that the 1st on the list of most famous pirates throughout history is a Chinese female. Ching Shih also famous as madame cheng, after marrying, she worked alongside her husband as a daunting pirate. Following her husband’s death, she became a stature of piracy might in China. She used three main pirates as the commanders: Cheung Po Tsai, her adopted son Chang Pao and of course herself. With almost 1,800 ships and an army of 70,000 men, she used to carry out robbing activities on islands, towns and became a stature of fear in the South China Sea.

She eventually accepted a contract of amnesty with the Chinese government in return for military jobs and good community status till her death as a casino and brother owner alongside her husband till her death in 1844. She is considered as one of the most famous female pirates throughout history.

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