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Anne Bonny

One of the few renowned female pirates of all time, Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate. She was of vicious nature from the point of her marriage. She married James Bonny who was a sailor too. However, James wasn’t the type of sailor she wanted him to be: ruthless and courageous. So this was the point where she joined a group of pirates from Nassau. She joined hands with some other female pirates too and along with men, fought battles and killed many. She started to drink and fight for fun.

It might amaze you:

Despite being a woman at heart, she injected more violence in her fellow pirates. However, soon she found herself captivated along with Rackham’s other men and women. She was sent to jail and then put on trial. The trial was carried out and all the captured pirates were sentenced to death. However, due to pregnancy while in captivation, her death sentence was pardoned. However, her whereabouts aren’t known after this point but many claim that she returned to her homeland to her father or husband.

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